New Families: Registration for new ACE families will begin ONLINE as of May 25, 2019 at 10am.


The ACE pre-registration/enrollment process consists of the following steps including payment of the registration deposit. Registrations with missing or inaccurate information, or that do not include the $90.00 deposit fee, will be considered incomplete and will not be processed. Note that after the pre-registration/enrollment period is completed, all fees for the year will be calculated and a fee statement will be included in your August registration package along with details on making payment arrangements.


During this period, only contact, student and medical info will be captured and no programs will be available for enrollment.

Submit Pre-Registration

Existing ACE families will receive a link to our new registration system via email, where they will fill out the following registration information.

Please note: To ensure the safety of all ACE participants, we require that all fields be filled out as completely and accurately as possible during the pre-registration process.

Family Information · Name, address, phone, emergency contact
Contact Information · Parent/caregiver contact Information (name, phone numbers)· Email address (as most non-emergency ACE communication will be via email. Please ensure you provide an email address that is regularly checked)· Selected password for Parent Portal (email address is username)· Emergency contacts – a trusted individual who will be aware of your child(ren)’s involvement in ACE and are able to pick up in the event of an emergency


Student Information For each student enter Name, Gender, Date of Birth, School, Grade for upcoming year
Medical Information For each student enter:· Doctor’s Information – name and telephone number· Allergy Information – type of allergy, high or low risk and reaction· Name of any medication taken on a regular or emergency basis

· Any special medical conditions or special needs (Epipen etc.)

· Immunization confirmation

Policy Acceptance · Confirm that the stated polices have been read and agreed to
Questions or Concerns · Enter any additional questions or concerns that ACE should be aware of

Once the pre-registration is submitted, you will be provided with an option to click a “Go To Parent Portal” button to take you to our new Parent Portal, where you can immediately log in using the email address and password you entered when registering. You will also receive an email confirmation for the pre-registration, which also includes a link to the Parent Portal.

Having this information prepared in advance will help your registration process go more smoothly. Should you have any questions about the information required, please contact us at 416-449-7398 or email us at

Please note: To ensure your child’s safety in our programs, we require that all fields be completed during the registration process.


For more information on registration fees, deposit, program confirmation, program changes and more visit the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PAGE


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