New Families: Registration for new ACE families will begin ONLINE as of September 4th, 2018.

Registration Closed for ALL families and will not re-open until September 4th, 2018.

The ACE AM Program is FULL

Below is a list of the information you will be required to provide at the time of registration.

Having this information prepared in advance will help your registration process go more smoothly. Should you have any questions about the information required, please contact us at 416-449-7398 or email us at

Please note: To ensure your child’s safety in our programs, we require that all fields be completed during the registration process. You will not be able to complete your registration if any of the required fields are left blank.

  • Contact email
  • Address – including postal code
  • Information for both parents – name, address (including postal code), Telephone Numbers – cell/home and work`
  • Emergency Contacts – 2 trusted individuals who will be aware of your child(ren)’s involvement in our program and are close by to pick them up during an emergency
  • Doctors Information – name and telephone number (including postal code)
  • Allergy Information – type of allergy, high or low risk and reaction
  • Name of any medication taken on a regular or emergency basis
  • Name of any special medical conditions or special needs
  • Payment of $90 required



For more information on registration fees, deposit, program confirmation, program changes and more visit the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PAGE


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