New Families: Registration for new ACE families will begin ONLINE as of Saturday May 25, 2024 at 10am.

Existing ACE Family Enrollment Period

At 10am on Saturday May 11, 2024, program enrollment will be made available for existing ACE families  who attended the program prior to the 2024/2025 school year via the Parent Portal.

Note that ACE reserves the right to modify or cancel classes based on enrollment or other extenuating circumstances.


The ACE pre-registration/enrollment process consists of several steps including payment of the registration fee. Registrations with missing or inaccurate information, or that are not finalized with payment of the non-refundable registration fee, will be considered incomplete. Note that after the preregistration/enrollment period is completed, all fees for the year will be calculated and a fee statement will be included in your August registration package along with details on making payment arrangements.

Login Credentials

Note that this is the same Parent Portal that has been used throughout this year and your login credentials are the same (i.e. user id is the email address that you used when initially registering). If you don’t recall your password there is ‘Reset Password’ link on the login page that can be used to reset your password via your email address. Please ensure that you attempt to log in and confirm access prior to the enrollment date so that if there are any issues you can contact us to get it resolved ahead of time.

Updating Family/Student details

Prior to the enrollment date please login to the Parent Portal and review all family/student information and make any updates necessary to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. This includes the following, which can be accessed by clicking the three lines at the top right-hand corner of the page and selecting the ‘Account’ option.

  • Adding any new children to your family as a new Student
  • Update Student info (School info, doctor, medical, allergies etc.)
  • Update Contact info (New contacts, pickup authorizations, address, phone, email etc.)

Enrolling in new classes

  1. At the top of the page click on ‘Classes’
  2. Select the ‘Find Classes’ Option
  3. The list of available classes will be displayed. By default the list of available classes will be filtered based on the ages of your children and will only show the classes which have spots available. If you want to also see full classes that have a waitlist, click on the ‘Wait Lists’ option near the top of the page under the ‘Find Classes’ button.
  4. You can sort and add additional filters to the list of programs/classes. Filters can be added based on (Program Period, Day of week, Program Category, Age)
  5. Click on the class that you wish to choose. Note that the name of each program/class will follow the same naming convention and consist of period name, day of the week, program name and target grades as follows:

P1D1 – JAZZ (GR 1-3)

P1=Period (AM, Period 1 or Period 2)

D1=Day of week (D1 to D5 – M-F)

Jazz=Name of program

(Gr 1-3)=Target age group

  1. After a class is chosen and the program details are shown, click on ‘Add to Cart’, then select the child to enroll into the program and click ‘Add’

For classes that are full and have a waitlist, you can choose to be added to the waitlist instead. However, since waitlists do not guarantee a spot, we advise parents to enroll in an alternate preferred enrichment program and to have their top three choices already decided prior to enrollment.

  1. You can then either click ‘Continue Shopping’ to enroll in more classes or click ‘Checkout Now’ to submit the enrollments. Note that enrollment spots are not reserved when they are in your cart and will remain available to others until you ‘Checkout’, so ensure that you checkout soon after adding popular classes and be prepared with preferred options on enrollment day to minimize the time spent choosing.
  2. To ‘checkout’ the enrollments in your cart, select the cart icon in the top right-hand corner of the page and click the Green ‘Accept Enrollment Fees and Continue’ button at the bottom of the page. You will then receive a confirmation message and notification emails will be sent to you with the details of each enrolled class.
  3. Repeat the above steps for all classes desired for each child
  4. Note that tuition for all classes during this pre-registration/enrollment period will be listed as $0, since the actual fees as per our fee schedule will be applied to your account when registration packages are sent out in August
  5. Once you have completed class enrollment for all children, you can review the list of enrolled classes as follows:
  6. At the top of the page click on, ‘Classes’ then select the ‘My Schedule’ Option

NOTE: Please make sure you enroll in ONLY ONE program for each period as any duplication will be removed and you many lose your spot in a desired program.

Registration Deposit – Payment Instructions

Although enrollment information will be stored in our database without payment, ACE will not consider registration complete, or place your child into his/her selected program(s), until the full $15.00 registration fee deposit per child is received. Once enrolled, ACE will initiate a Plooto payment for the $15 deposits using your current method of payment. Note that a $35 NSF fee will apply to any returned payment and may risk your child losing their spot in their program(s) of choice if not resolved within a week of the missed payment.


ACE offers several different types of programming including AM morning care and afterschool enrichment programs. Details and descriptions of each program can be found in the program brochure


A confirmation of the programming that your child has secured and your fee statement will be emailed to you in August 2024.



Parents who wish to make changes to the programs that their children have been registered in to, may do so on or before July 12, 2024 will be effective September 3, 2024.

  • Changes made after July 12, 2024 will follow ACE policy, and will be effective two weeks after we have received written notice using the ACE Change Request Form.
  • Changes made on or after September 3, 2024 will follow ACE policy, and will be effective two weeks after we have received written notice using the ACE Change Request Form. A $20 administrative change fee will also apply.

Fee Statements include the following pieces of information:

  • Program fees (am child care, regular-afternoon program) and,
  • Other fees (registration fee, cooking fee, computer fee, etc.) based on the programs you have registered your child in to.
  • Fees paid to date
  • Balance owed

Payment to ACE ill be made in 10 equal monthly payments or in full beginning September 15th 2024.