2024/2025 PROGRAM FEES

ACE offers several different types of programming including AM morning care and afterschool enrichment programs. Details and descriptions of each program can be found in the program brochure included in this package.

FEES per program / day



Pre-registration $15/student
Art & Crafts Fee $20
Cooking Fee $60
Computer Fee $45
Engineering Fee $45
Lego Fee $45
Science Fee $45

*Note that the TCDSB is in the process of finalizing the 2024/2025 school calendar and will be posted once approved by the ministry

** Note that ACE does not operate these programs on statutory holidays, PA Days, Christmas Break, or March Break and the final programming start/end dates is dependant on the TCDSB calendar year.

Please note that ACE operates based on the school calendar as set out by the TCDSB with approval by the Ministry of Education, which may be subject to change.


REGISTRATION FEE – Families who register for ACE programs are required to pay an annual, non-refundable registration fee of $15.00/student when they register.

MATERIALS / EQUIPMENT FEES – As some classes require additional materials / equipment, a small one- time additional fee will be charged for these classes. A final list of these charges will be provided with registration packages and will be available on our website.

LATE PICKUP FEES –1st Period – Late charges apply to children picked up after 5:00pm at a rate of $1/minute 2nd Period – Late charges apply to children picked up after 6:00pm at a rate of $1/minute

NSF FEE – Families will be charged a $35 NSF fee for any Plooto payment that cannot be completed as ACE is charged this amount.

LATE PAYMENT FEES – Failure to pay monthly fees by the 15th of every month will be subject to a $20.00 late fee automatically added to your account and payable via Plooto.

CHANGE/WITHDRAWL FEES – Changes to your child’s programming after the start of the school year and withdrawal from any program is subject to a change/withdrawal fee outlined in the 2024/2025 parent handbook which will be distributed prior to the start of the school year.

All fees and charges are subject to change and are not set until the program begins.


ACE Brochure 2024-2025 (PDF)

ACE Program Schedule 2024-2025 (PDF)